Proflavanol® C100 葡萄籽精华 C100 (56 tablets)

Proflavanol® C100 葡萄籽精华 C100 (56 tablets)

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Size: 56 Tablets/Bottle

MAL11015002N General Health

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Combines antioxidant bioflavonoids from grapeseed extract with high level of Poly C to support your health and body system.

Bioflavonoid supplement

  • Helps support balanced health
  • Vitamin C carries dual importance as the body’s premier water soluble antioxidant and as a coenzyme essential for the synthesis and health of connective tissues throughout the body
  • An in-house study USANA conducted in collaboration with Boston University showed that supplementation with grape-seed extract and vitamin C has a positive influence on healthy body

Hybrid Technology

USANA is among the first in the supplement world to innovate and use Nutritional Hybrid Technology (NHT). This modern approach allows the combination of two distinct ingredients into the same tablet, featuring a bilayer tablet. With this technology, USANA customers can enjoy the nutritional benefits of previously impossible and reducing the numbers of tablet previously required.

  • Proflavanol® C100 uses this patent-pending technology.

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USANA product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or medical conditions.


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