Elite Team



(Elite Team)马来西亚精英系统团队是澳洲成功精英体系在亚太区域最成功的主力军之一。
(Elite Team)马来西亚精英系统踏踏实实地构筑着自己的学习型团队。注重培养人才,凭借专业化的系统培训,建构学习的文化同时打造百万领导人的发展框架;


Elite Team 马来西亚精英系统以科学、系统、专业、规范的运作,打造一支“忠诚、爱心、健康、快乐、卓越”的国际化儒商团队,引领更多的人迈向成功以及卓越的人生!
Elite System was originated from Australia. It was established in late 1990s by Australian Chinese. Hence the Chines precious virtues: “Hardworking, Committed, Realistic, Kindness, Persistency” are the core values of this system. With these values, the system is standing strong with the culture of “co-operate, gratitude, trust, respect, advancing, harmony, dedicate and responsible”. The system has passed through years of challenges in Australia market since 1998. It is keep evolving and expanding to the international market. With its rapid growth, now there are millions of Elite Team members in Asia Pacific inclusive of Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and etc. There is no doubt that it has become one of the most successful system.

Elite System has brought a great impact to Australian community by totally changing their perception about “Direct Selling” and attracted a lot of community celebrities, elites and professionals. Malaysia Elite Team is one of the most successful team of Elite System in Asia Pacific.

Elite System emphasizes on human development through its professional training system. The system generates learning culture while constructing the framework of developing capable leaders in terms of: Issues Handling, Human Handling and Network Building.
The system strictly adheres to “Family” concept, it emphasize on harmony and strong family tie by respecting each other’s choice and will with the culture of “sincere, love and kindness”. Through the practice of “caring, responsible and giving”, it ensures all family members will obtain the needed support and assistance in realizing the mission of Dr. Myron Wentz i.e. to bring “Health, Wealth & Freedom” to people and families who has such needs and change their life.

Elite System has created a “loyal, caring, healthy and excellent” team with its scientific, systematic, professional and standardized operation; leading more and more people towards a successful and excellent life!