About Us

Anthony & Tina于 2009 年开始了他们的 USANA 事业生涯,通过公司全球联网的事业优势与精英系统的支持, 他们的团队网络已经遍布了世界二十多个国家与市场包括:马来西亚,澳洲,中国,香港,日本,欧洲,北美地区等等,会员人数超过8万人,而且目前还在不断地继续倍增当中!

Anthony & Tina 踏踏实实地构筑着自己的学习型团队,注重人才培养,凭借专业化的系统培训,在他们的国际团队里,拥有了超过30户星钻和钻石董事,以及500多位黄金董事,是马来西亚USANA拥有最庞大团队人才的直销领袖。

秉持着USANA公司的理念,他们努力不懈地前进,影响了上千万个家庭,改变了他们的健康和生活品质!因此在2014年,他们荣获了‘马来西亚直销协会Direct Selling Association Of Malaysia’颁发的“杰出企业家大奖” ! 随后,他们也在2019年,获得了USANA 公司的最高荣誉:华斯博士远景大奖以及基金会的慈善大使!
Anthony & Tina started their USANA career in 2009. Through the company's seamless compensation plan and the support of the Elite System, their network has been expanded more than 20 countries and markets in the world, including: Malaysia, Australia, China , Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, North America, etc., the number of members exceeds 80,000, and it continues to grow!

Anthony & Tina steadily build their teachable team members, focusing on developing leaders, with the professional training system, they have created more than 30 diamonds /star diamonds, and more than 500 gold directors, they are having the most numbers of successful leaders in USANA Malaysia.

Adhering to the vision of USANA, they worked hard to forge ahead, they have changed many people's lives. Therefore, in 2014, they were awarded as the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurs Award’ by the Direct Selling Association Malaysia

Hereafter, in 2019, they received the highest honor from USANA: Dr. Wentz Vision Award and USANA True Health Foundation Ambassador!